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A yearly membership of $35.00 covers a calendar year from January 1st to the end of December.

Joining or Renewing
January-September - Expires December 31 Current Year
October-December - Expires December 31 Next Year

The Society offers New and Renewing members a variety of “Membership Levels”. The first $35 of any Level will be your Membership Fee and the balance of the Level you select will become a Donation towards the development and growth of the Society.  

Please consider the BRONZE level of $50 (for example =$35 fee + $15 Donation), SILVER at $100, GOLD at $250 or PLATINUM at $500. You will be provided with a written acknowledgment/receipt for your donation. The Board will take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your support.

To add a donation to your Membership, click the CHANGE MEMBERSHIP LEVEL button below then select your level and donation amount from the dropdown and proceed,

You may also donate any other amount and set up recurring PayPal donations at anytime by visiting the DONATE TO EAPGS page


$ 35.00 per Year 2024